Jessi 420 Series Bullet Tester Display


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The Maia Toys will display 8 of the top selling 420 Series Jessi bullets. The display includes 4 each of the Jessi 420 Bullets. The 420 series expands upon the powerful Jessi line by adding a Hemp Leaf print to its power-packed design. This 10-Function Super-Charged Mini-Bullet is soft and inviting with its sensually soft Silicone coating that is 100% body safe. Underneath lies a powerful motor that will super charge your session, time after time. Discreet and petite, the Maia Novelties Jessi 420 is always ready to travel.

Includes 4 Jessi 420 single leaf design bullet
Includes 4 Jessi 420 all over leaf design bullet


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